Great jobs numbers! What’s your strategy now?

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290,000 new jobs!


The April jobs numbers are out and they greatly surpassed expectations. And that means BIG opportunities for staffing and recruiting firms. How can you capitalize now and sell more temporary help and executive recruiting services?

  • Reconnect with your former clients.
  • Call on all those people who said “we’re  not hiring” 3 months ago.
  • Schedule meetings with current clients to review their hiring plans for 2010.
  • Call businesses that are hiring, and offer temp help to fill-in until their new hires are completed.
  • Contact smaller businesses and offer staffing and recruiting services to help them manage growth.
  • Proactively recruit for hard to fill positions in your local market.
  • Become a specialist in recruiting for specific job disciplines in a one industry or your local market.
  • Offer project staffing (or outsourcing) solutions to help companies deal with resource gaps.
  • Get aggressive about marketing, so you are touching more prospective buyers, more often, with information that positions you as an expert and a trusted advisor. Become top-of-mind!

If you need help with more ideas about how to sell staffing, contact Haley Marketing today!

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