Sell your staffing companyAre you looking to sell your staffing firm?

If so, check out this list of “what buyers want” from Bob Cohen and Sam Sacco of RA Cohen Consulting.

  • Reasonably Predictable and Consistent Earnings
  • A Strong Team behind the Owners, tied into future Performance
  • A diverse and Growing Customer Base
  • Desirable and Growing Market
  • Solid Systems and Infrastructure
  • Stable and Growing Customer Relationships
  • Strong and Positive Market Presence
  • Strong, sector-specific Gross Margins
  • Strong, Upside Growth Potential
  • Strong Ethical Standards
  • Low Staff and Customer Turnover
  • Clean Record-Keeping

Please note that the particular order of the above elements and how each is measured will vary from Buyer to Buyer; however, these are the elements most commonly valued.

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