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A lesson in customer experience for staffing firms

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I have a confession…

I’ve never been a big fan of Twitter. Sure, I think it can be a great tool for learning, listening and sharing information. It can also be an effective part of outbound marketing, client communications and customer service.

But personally, I’ve never liked using Twitter all that much.

Yes, I’ve used other tools to make Twitter better.  But nothing has gotten me all that excited about reading Tweets.

Well, my world changed yesterday.

At the recommendation of a friend, I installed Flip Board on my iPad. If you’re not familiar with this app, it takes content from virtually source and turns it into an interactive magazine. Blog content. RSS feeds. Pictures. Facebook updates. And of course Twitter. 

Now reading tweets is truly enjoyable. No more 140 character posts with cryptic links. I see pictures, read stories and drill down to the content that really interests me.  Flip Board has turned Twitter into a custom magazine filled with the content I want.

So what’s the lesson for you?

This blog post isn’t about Twitter, it’s about customer experience. Flip Board completely changes the Twitter experience. It takes the same data and presents it in a whole new way to create an extraordinary experience.

Now look at the experience your clients and candidates have.

Is it extraordinary…at every step?

Take a hard look at everything you do in sales, recruiting and client service. Then look for ways to make things better. Simplify your processes. Make the steps more engaging. Make your company more fun to work with.

Challenge your staff to “Flip Board” your business!

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