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Ask Haley: Does website copy really matter?

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Q: We’re about to design a new website for our staffing firm. How important is the copy — do people even read it?

A: Although I may be slightly biased (I am a writer after all), to answer your question, yes, copy matters…a lot!

Great copy is a difference maker. It tells a story. It conveys a message. It distinguishes your firm from the competition. And more importantly, it gets people to take action.

Would you hire sales people who are very attractive…but can’t speak?

A website without great copy is like a mute (or worse, an illiterate) sales rep. No matter how good it looks, it won’t get the results you want without the right words.

Your website is an online reflection of you and your business, and every part of a website, from design to imagery to copy, helps you make an impression on clients and candidates. Here are just a few reasons why website copy is a savvy investment:

  1. Effective copy helps establish you as an expert – Maybe you have a decade of experience in your field, and your knowledge of the industries you serve is unsurpassed. Poor grammar and ineffective communication can hide your differentiators, or worse, leave visitors to your site with a bad impression.
  2. Copy drives people to act – Well-crafted website copy will engage readers and ultimately, drive them to act. Whether by applying to a job posting or using an online form to contact you about staffing solutions, powerful copy will drive people to act.
  3. Professional copy can help your search engine rankings – By now, most of you know that SEO can have a powerful impact on traffic to your website. A professional copywriter will consider SEO when writing, and will use specific keywords where appropriate. Partnered with a comprehensive SEO plan, effective copy can have an incredible impact on the type of targeted traffic directed to your site.
  4. Your audience is paying attention – As David Searns recently pointed out, cold calls aren’t the best (or, frankly, the most fun) way to generate sales. When people visit your website; however, they are willingly seeking you out (whether through a link to a blog post, Google search results, or through direct traffic to your site). Why wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward?  Your website copy is one of the most effective ways to differentiate yourself and “sell” your business – make sure you take advantage.
  5. Great copy doesn’t get stale – As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, website standards and designs can need fairly frequent updating. It’s the nature of the beast, and an important way of keeping up to date. Copy, if you’ll pardon the drama, is timeless.  Unless your business direction changes dramatically, professional copy will last through various website design updates and revisions.

See, it does matter! In all seriousness, copy is truly an integral part of a great website and effective marketing strategy. If you haven’t opted for professional website copy in the past, I have some good news. It’s never too late to freshen up your website with clear, concise and effective copy! Contact Haley Marketing for an assessment of your current website copy, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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