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Ask Haley: Why isn’t anyone responding to my email marketing?

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Q. How can I get more people to respond to my emails?

A. At Haley Marketing, we’ve been doing a lot of email marketing research lately, and we’ve learned a lot!

We presented some of our latest findings on email marketing for staffing during a recent Lunch with Haley webinar. In case you missed it, here are some of our top email marketing tips:

  1. Write about a problem your reader is facing.
    The bigger and more relevant the problem, the more people will read your email!
  2. Agonize over headlines.
    A provocative headline can increase readership by as much as 300%. As a rule of thumb, you should spend as long writing the headline as you do writing the body of your email!
  3. Give people a great reason to respond.
    Offer something of value. And limit the time you give people to respond.
  4. Make it easy to respond.
    Have a clear call to action. Use a large font, bright color, a button or other graphic to make your call to action stand out.

If you would like a copy of the Lunch With Haley presentation, Email Marketing 2011: What Works Now, feel free to contact us.

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