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Cleanliness is next to deliverability

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Maybe it’s the fact that I’m now married or that I’m well into my 30’s but I find myself wanting to learn more as I age.  I think something happens when you leave your 20’s.  As much as you hate to admit it, you don’t know everything.

That’s why I’ve been on a quest to find out as much as I can about email marketing best practices.  I used to think I knew it all in my 8 years in the business but of course I found out I don’t.

So I’ve made it a point to check as many websites, blogs, and newsletters as I could in a week.  Luckily, a great website “Be Relevant!” by Tamara Gielen puts the best of the best into one place everyday.

I saw an interesting post about the correlation of list cleanliness and deliverability.  To be perfectly honest, I didn’t realize there was.  (That’s why we should never stop learning!)  The article says to avoid email addresses like the ones below for a few reasons:

Reason #1 is that these are often monitored by administrative employees on an inconsistent basis so you are very rarely reaching the decision makers.  Reason #2 is that these addresses can be easily found on websites.  Email services are aware of this  and monitor emails sent to these accounts.  Therefore if you are sending to a high number of these types of emails you will be doing harm to your reputation in the eyes of email service providers.

So what’s the solution?  I always tell my clients to treat your email list like the batteries in your smoke detector, change it every six months.  Twice a year, have someone in your office (admin, intern, or a temp that is not working) go through your list and update the information.  Contact everyone on your list and make sure that the person is still with the company and that the email address you have is correct.  It might sound like a tedious job but it will certainly pay off in marketing ROI!

Todd Lewandowski has nearly 10 years of marketing experience in the staffing and recruiting industry.  Todd has worked with over 100 staffing and recruiting firms in the development and execution of email marketing programs. 

If you would like to discuss email marketing for your firm, please contact Todd at [email protected].

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