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Content Marketing in Staffing: Creating a Lighthouse

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Be a Content Marketing Lighthouse

This may be blasphemy…
But, I’ve had it with content.

Too many emails, tweets, blog posts, and Facebook status updates.
Too much information flying at me all the time.

I can’t keep up. It’s stressful. It’s overwhelming.

But I am content marketer. I sincerely believe that great content, and great ideas, are the secret of marketing success for almost every firm.

So what am I to do?

Abandon my core beliefs to avoid contributing to the endless tide of information?

Not a chance.  I think I’d rather create a lighthouse.
I’d rather become a beacon that provides guidance to the people I want to reach.

So you won’t find me sending out 100 tweets a day.
And you won’t find me updating Facebook every 17 minutes.
You won’t even find me writing that many blog posts.

But as a lighthouse, my job is to provide a clear signal. To help guide our clients, our employees, and people throughout the staffing industry.

In practical terms what does this mean?

1) Don’t create content just for the sake of creating content.
2) Make every post a worthwhile interruption of someone’s time.
3) Offer original ideas and add real insight to conversations.
4) Make the best ideas easier to find.
5) Make it easier for people to take action with practical to do lists.
6) Keep content short, simple, and useful.

So how about you?

Are you going to dump garbage into the sea of information…or create your own content lighthouse to guide your clients and candidates?

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