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Top Staffing Blog Posts of 2011

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One of the most important things you can do from a marketing standpoint is track the success of your past marketing efforts.  Testing different tactics, messages and approaches is key to determining what’s successful for your business–and where you should allocate resources for the coming year.

Personally, I’m a big believer in online marketing and appreciate the ease of which we can track and analyze data to help prove ROI.  As part of my year-end analysis I looked at our own blog, Ask Haley, to see what topics and posts attracted the most traffic.  Here’s a list of our top 10 most visited blog posts over the last year:

#10: The Keys to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

#9: When is the best time to Tweet or Publish a Blog Post

#8: How to Get in Front of Staffing Prospects When They are Ready to Buy

#7: Turning a Reference Check Into a Sales Call

#6: Tips for Growing Your Social Media Following

#5: Using Online Tools to Recruit for Niche Positions

#4: 10 Ways to Build Your Staffing Company’s Facebook Following

#3: Do You Have the Attention Span of a Monkey?

#2: Social Media Usage Statistics

#1: 5 Alternatives to Staffing Cold Calls

What I learned…

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, looking at data and then drawing conclusions is the key to improving your future efforts.  So here are some of the key takeaways I found:

  • Big shocker: Social media is a hot topic!
    5 of the top 10 posts were specifically about social media.  At least 3 of the others mention social media.  And, I don’t see this slowing down in 2012 as more and more staffing and recruiting firms turn to social media as a sales and recruiting tool.
  • Selling staffing services has evolved.
    Our #1 post this year was about alternatives to making cold calls.  Dialing for dollars is no longer as effective as it once was and sales professionals need alternatives.  To be successful in sales you need to become a workforce consultant and have more strategic conversations.
  • You like to hear about what’s working at other staffing firms.
    Nearly all of our posts talk about what’s working for other businesses.  People have an interest in improving themselves and the easiest way to do this is to see what others have already tested and been successful with.  You can leverage this in your own company too.  You continually solve workforce challenges for your clients.  You can generate case studies that highlight the problem, your solution and the results–your clients and prospects will be interested and it turns you into an expert.
  • Blogs don’t die.
    Our #3 most visited post this year was actually published way back in May, 2010.  Why does it still get so much traffic?  A few reasons: 1. It’s about a topic that people are interested in (employers want better ways to test attention to detail); 2. It is search engine optimized (nearly 100% of traffic to this post comes from search engines); 3. It includes a video and is fun.
  • Blogging has produced a great ROI and is a key element of our online marketing efforts.
    20% of our website traffic is attributed to our blog.  This is a direct result of the search engine optimization benefits of the blog, using our blog content on social media outlets and leveraging our blog content in our email marketing efforts.

So the big question I have for you is what did you learn from 2011?
I’d love to hear your top lessons learned–please leave a comment below!

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