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Your Service May Be Good, But Your Positioning Sucks!

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Your service isn’t better.  And even if it is, it doesn’t matter.

“We offer better service.”
“Our employees really care, and we provide the best service.”
“We’ve built our company around better service.”
“Our service is tops in the industry.”

That’s what the last four staffing firms told your prospect before you called on them.  So does your service really make you different?  And, do your prospects even care about better service; or do they just want a good solution to their problem?

Accenture’s positioning doesn’t suck!
One company that really gets it is Accenture.  They don’t tout better service; they show real solutions to real problems.  Below are a few samples from their latest advertising campaign.  Take a close look and then think about the specific problems you solve for clients.  Share those stories–they are much more compelling than “better service.”

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