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Staffing Industry Email Marketing: Stats You Should Track (Part 1)

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Ask Haley: How do I know if my email marketing is working?

Q: How do I know if my email marketing is working?

A: Tracking the results of your staffing company’s email marketing sounds obvious, right?

Then why do so few people do it?

The reasons vary.  Some don’t have the time.  Others don’t know what to track.  And a few just don’t care.
But tracking metrics is critically important to the overall success of your staffing company’s marketing efforts.  Why?  Knowing what works – and what doesn’t – helps you continually improve content, increase response and ultimately drive your sales and recruiting goals.

To make your emails even more effective, here are three of the most common stats email marketers should track:

  1. Open Rate.  As the name suggests, this is the percentage of people who “open” your email.  It includes the people who view your email by either opening the message or reading it in their preview pane.  One note:  Open rates are calculated based on views of graphics in your emails.  So, if people are reading with graphics turned off (as 70% of people do), they will not show up in your open rate statistics.
  2. Click Through Rate.  This is the percentage of people who click on a link in your email.  Your click through rate is one of the most important statistics for you to track, because a decline in clicks may indicate that your list is old and/or your content is not engaging your readers.  As you progress through a campaign, pay close attention to the types of messages that generate the greatest clicks.  This tells you what types of content (or style of messaging) your subscribers like best.  Ideally, you should adjust your content plans based on your click stats.  Note: While click through rates vary greatly depending on the quality of your list and content, business to business clicks typically range from 5% to 15%.
  3. Bounces / Bounce Rate.  Bounces are emails that could not be delivered.  This may be due to an invalid email address, the recipient’s inbox being full, an email being labeled as “spam” or a host of other reasons.  The best way to guard against high bounce rates is by periodically calling recipients to verify data accuracy.  Don’t keep email addresses that bounce on your mailing list (most email service providers can automatically remove recipients from your list after a certain number of bounces).  Bouncing emails can actually get you blacklisted by the ISPs!  Note: Your bounce rate should not be more than 2% of your list.  Higher numbers indicate a bad email list.

For staffing firms, the above metrics are pretty good, but there are better ones! Follow this link for four more staffing industry email metrics you should track.


HaleyMail – a better way to sell staffing and track results

HaleyMail is a complete email and content marketing system created specifically for the staffing industry.  It helps you open doors with key decision-makers, sell higher margin solutions, and give your sales reps new reasons to follow-up each and every month.  HaleyMail’s built-in analytics and customized reporting features help you track critical email stats and effectively measure results.

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