A June, 2012 survey of US, UK and Australian consumers from NICE Systems found that millenials are using more channels to communicate with service providers:

So what does that mean for staffing and recruiting firms?
It means that in order to recruit the best and brightest new recruits, you need to be in more places!  Gone are the days of just throwing up a job ad and sitting back.  Today’s talent is looking to internet reviews, peer recommendations, social media, traditional media and above all else your website to interact with your brand.  The simple truth is that if your competitors are on these channels and you aren’t, you’re going to lose the recruiting battle.

Here are some interesting things the survey found:

Your corporate website is still extremely important! (What does your website say about your firm?)

  • Websites remain the most common way for customers to seek assistance.
  • 55% of all respondents said they use their service providers’ website at least monthly.
  • More than one-quarter do so on at least a weekly basis.

Not every interaction is online.

  • 33% of respondents interacted with a live representative via phone.
  • 32% visited a physical location or branch.

Email is alive and well.

  • According to a Maritz survey also released in June, consumers of all ages prefer to email a company than call.
  • 25-34-year-olds most likely to indicate this preference (52% vs. 24%).

So, the morale of the story?
Make sure you have  strong website and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  The best approach to marketing and branding your firm is to use a variety of channels, collect good data, and adjust your strategy based on performance and results. 

0 thoughts on “How do millenials find your staffing firm?

  1. Absolutely true Brad! I am a millenial and when I look to connect with businesses I search a wide variety of places from social media sites, public records, the BBB, various forums and blogs. The first place I visit is the company’s website. The website itself speaks volumes as to what kind of business I believe it is. Old, dated and template styled websites show lack of innovation, lack of online presence and a lack of care to address these things. Not a company I would want to work for. As much as staffing professionals emphasize the importance of a resume and it being the first impression of a candidate, I am amazed at the amount of staffing business owners that fail to see the parallel in their presentation of their own website (a company’s resume of sorts).

    1. Thanks for the comment Amanda. It’s very interesting to see that the most successful staffing firms in the world all share a few common traits, including good marketing, a strong infrastructure and good systems. Those are the types of companies that attract and retain the a-list talent!

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