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Seven Goals for a Killer Staffing Website

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First impressions

Your site should instantly tell people what you do…and convey a strong image about your firm. What message do you want to convey?


Your design and content should clearly illustrate the things that make your firm special. How will your site differentiate you from the competition?


Your website should prove both the value of using staffing services and your firm’s ability to deliver on your value proposition. What information will you include to prove your value?


If you want to sell more staffing services, teach people how to use your services more strategically. What kinds of educational content will you include?

Enhance / Streamline the service process

Your website is a great place to make staffing easier for both clients and candidates. From registration to time entry to service data, your site should simplify the service process and make getting information easier. How will you simplify staffing for your clients?

Improve the customer experience

Is WalMart the same as Nordstrom? Of course not. And your website is a big part of the overall experience you deliver to clients and candidates. How will your website make working with your firm easier, faster or more fun?

Promotion & sales lead generation

Your website should be your most tireless sales rep and recruiter. Through content, SEO and social sharing, your site should be a magnet for employers and job seekers. What content and features will you include to attract people to your site?

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