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Making Your Marketing House, Your Home

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I have a confession. I love to work on my house. I have an old 1920s Colonial Revival house that has been through more paint, plaster and weird DIY things than five houses should have been through, but when my wife and I purchased it, we could see the care that the previous owners had taken of it and that it had great potential. So of course, I decided to tear it apart. And to restore it to its “former glory.” While carefully stripping down the painted and plastered (what?) oak to its original finish and rebuilding supports where one of the previous owners (I suspect it was owner #3, from the gossip of the older ladies down the street) decided it wasn’t needed (for instance, holding up the roof over our porch), I’ve lovingly reversed the years of its transformation, bringing it back to its former distinction.

Anyway, this careful demolishing and rebuilding cycle got me thinking of the parallels of marketing. Sometimes things need to be carefully examined to see if they are working as originally intended, and sometimes things need to be torn apart to make them work correctly again. Maybe your website has been up for too long, maybe your business focus has changed; maybe your internal sales process needs an update. We so often just “run up the stairs” or “turn on the faucet” and just expect it to work just like it has for 90 years. Sometimes it’s good to look at your process and see if it makes sense; look to see if the faucet is dripping or running a stream down the back wall – you may not have noticed this in your day to day routine. It’s good to inspect things to make sure they are working, and bring them back to their former glory, and sometimes you might even want to add a travertine backsplash to the kitchen…err, add an RSS feed to your homepage. Either way, you might find it to be cathartic to carefully go over your processes to see what works and what needs to be updated, bringing it back to its original purpose and its former glory. Who knows, going over your business and its tools might even make them more useful, profitable and even enjoyable to you in the future.

If you need help going over the details of your marketing plan or practices, contact us for more information. We’d be glad to help you get your marketing plans in order.

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