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Is Facebook a Viable Advertising Platform for You?

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At a rapidly growing rate, social media is becoming more and more important in how your firm is found online, as well as a key aspect of your marketing plan. Social media is an excellent way to engage and nurture relationships with your professional network. However, social media is growing at such an alarming rate that your message gets lost in the mayhem. Think about this:

An average Facebook user (and there are over 800 million users!) is friends with 245 people and ‘Likes’ numerous pages. That means their newsfeed is being filled daily with their friends’ updates and company pages touting their brand; both competing for the (short) attention span of users.

So, what can companies use to standout more to the users that like their pages? And how do they reach new candidates and prospects on Facebook? The answer: Facebook advertising!

Facebook Advertising Breakdown:
Facebook advertising offers two main advertising categories: Ads and Sponsored Stories. These two categories offer different promotion opportunities, but the biggest difference between these two are whose “voice” the promotions are in. For example, Ads are expressed in a business’s voice, and Sponsored Stories are from the voice of a friend.

Facebook Ads – the Voice of the Business

This advertising option on Facebook offers the largest range of ad copy/creation options as well as placement choices and bidding options. You will be able to edit the image, text, and headline of every ad. Once you have created a campaign, you will be able to manage all ads in Ads Manager. Two popular ad options that fall under Facebook Ads are:

  • Promoted Posts: where a post from your company page is used for the ad content
Facebook Promoted Post Sample
  • Ads: where you create custom ad copy that is crafted to encourage your audience to ‘Like’ your page


Facebook Traditional Ad Sample

Facebook Sponsored Stories – the Voice of a Friend
Sponsored stories are ads that capitalize upon the value of personal recommendations. Ads are delivered with copy that states your audience’s friend, “Jane Doe,” likes your page/link/post. This can be very effective for targeting your core audience and other influencers in their social circles.

Facebook Sponsored Story Sample

Many companies will use an integrated campaign approach and have their campaign include both sponsored stories and ads. There are numerous display/targeting options available for both, and give advertisers many options to hone in on their ideal audience including:

  • Demographics
  • ‘Likes’ and Interests (example: “Recruiting”)
  • Friends of fans
  • Users based upon their email list

Once you have your campaign setup and running, you should keep tabs on your campaign as your campaign’s success is largely defined by how you react to campaign results, so it is very important to optimize your campaign as you go.

Interested in learning more about Facebook advertising or pay-per-click advertising opportunities? Contact us today to discuss the opportunities available to you.


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