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Want to Make Your Marketing Budget Go Further? Incorporate online marketing.

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What are your marketing efforts? How much do you have to spend on marketing each year? As you know, it is much cheaper to maintain and nurture current client and candidate relationships, although in order to grow and sustain your business, you need to acquire new clients. But marketing can be expensive and time intensive. Are you aware that you can use targeted marketing online to reach new clients at a fraction of a cost?

Online marketing has been used for years, and almost every website or search engine you visit nowadays is bound to have numerous ads. Big job search websites and some franchise staffing firms are using online advertising, but most staffing firms haven’t tried this viable form of marketing.

Why online marketing?
Online advertising comes in many forms that can be tailored to meet your goals and target market. How would it help your business if you could advertise for a specific job in a geographic area? Instead of having to rely on the job candidates coming to you, you have the ability to market directly to qualified job seekers. Even better, it is extremely cost effective. But how cost effective?

Most online marketing method costs are based upon the number of times the ad is clicked on. That means you only pay for interested job seekers who click on the ad and visit your site. Think of it like this: you send out a thousand pieces of direct mail to potential clients, but you only pay for the number of pieces that were actually read, and not thrown in the trash. So instead of paying for 1,000 mailers, you only pay for a couple dozen.

Should you consider online marketing?

We frequently hear from staffing firms that they need affordable marketing ideas that will help them standout in a saturated marketplace. Using online advertising allows companies to enact a scalable marketing solution that targets your exact market. When using pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising, you can track results to help measure campaign effectiveness and tailor your campaign for optimized results.

When potential clients and candidates start their search for a good staffing firm, most start their search online. For the majority of the time, this means they are going to Google (or another search engine) and typing in keywords that would deliver results based upon their query. Search engines then deliver results and the user will navigate to the results. Hopefully, your company has invested in search engine optimization (SEO) and, therefore, may rank in the results that are delivered (for more information about SEO, please visit search engine optimization for staffing).

But if you didn’t invest in SEO, or didn’t optimize for the exact term used in the candidate’s or client’s search, your company may not even be a contender for their online attention and potentially winning their business.

How can online marketing help me?

Because there are billions of potential search terms in the world (and a company could never rank for every term), firms should look to allocate some of their marketing budget towards targeted online marketing initiatives. Here are a few ways that online marketing gives companies the opportunity to:

  • Appear in search results that they otherwise may not have.
  • Target the exact audience that they would like to work for, and with.
  • Focus on one (or many!) geographic areas that you would like to be relevant in.
  • Stay front of mind with previous website visitors through branding campaigns.
  • Scale their marketing efforts based on budget (however big or small), current company needs and goals.

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing several blog posts that discuss the different online advertising opportunities you have, and how staffing firms should be taking advantage of these networks. Stay tuned!

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