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Are Things Getting a Little TOO Personal?

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Decades ago, Burger King coined the phrase: “Have it your way.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJMsFGH4eoQ&w=420&h=315]

It was a great concept for the fast-food chain then.  And, cheesy 70’s vibe aside, it’s a great concept for customer service today. 

Why?  Like great burgers, great customer service should be personalized.  So give your staffing clients options that serve them the way they want to be served:

  • Don’t Automatically Over-Serve.  You know that annoying shoe store salesperson who hovers around you while you’re trying on loafers?  Don’t be that guy.  Personalizing customer service doesn’t always mean the highest level of service, so train your staff to key into client behavioral cues and to respond appropriately.  Provide a range of service options, from on-site and phone support to self-serve options for customer service (such as online request forms and a robust FAQ).  Adapt your level of service to the needs of the situation and the client.
  • Personalize communications.  Small personal touches can make a big difference in your customer service communications.  Make sure that front-line employees greet clients warmly and give their first names; customize brochures and proposals to reflect each client’s unique needs; give customers the option to talk to a real person when they need to.  Do whatever you can to make customers feel like individuals – not just sources of temp orders.
  • Strike the right balance with communication channels.  In customer service, you need to balance the convenience of multiple communication channels with consistency.  While you must make it easy for clients to communicate via their preferred channels, you must also make sure they don’t wind up feeling like ping-pong balls – being bounced around from department to department and having to restate their issues each time.  Examine your most common types of service issues and brainstorm the best communication channels and processes for resolving them.  When customers contact you with issues, provide recommendations for how they can receive the most expedient (and yes, personalized) service.

The best customer service is about quality, not quantity.  When you’re able to personalize service so that it:

  • effectively resolves the client’s issue in an appropriate time frame;
  • serves the client the way he wants to be served; and
  • leaves him feeling like a valued customer;

you’ll be well on your way to delivering a shareworthy experience, every time.

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