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How Haley Uses Personas to Help Drive Content Marketing and SEO Results

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This video from SEOmoz (one of my favorite sites for current SEO trends and best practices), addresses something called Personas and explains how creating personas for your target demographic can help drive results. 

How Haley Marketing Uses Personas

This video is a great illustration of how we approach content marketing for our clients.  With our staffing blogging and social media services, we write good, relevant and keyword rich content for our clients.  But topics aren’t just selected at random. 

When starting a new blogging program, we take many factors into consideration:

  1. Target audience.
    Are we addressing employers, job seekers, or both?
  2. Current challenges.
    Once the audience is defined, we try to learn about their biggest challenges.  What are their daily pain points?  What keeps them up at night?
  3. What are they searching for?
    We conduct research on search habits and behavior.  We can identify search terms that have high traffic volume and cross reference that against the competitiveness of those terms.  We choose keywords that have high traffic and a high probability of being able to rank well in search results.

Once we’ve completed this research, we can create “personas” for the target audience and then begin our content planning phase.  When planning content, we look at tackling topics that address core business challenges for your target audience.  We also use the data gathered in item number 3 above to include keywords in key places. And, it doesn’t stop there.  We continually review Google Analytics to ensure traffic is being generating and we’re addressing the right search terms–then we revise our content strategy. 

Coupled together, this research, content planning, and follow-through help to improve search results, drive more targeted traffic to your website and ultimately generate more business. 

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