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Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

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Mobile Optimized Sites
xAd recently published statistics on mobile device usage and how it relates to the venerable desktop. While the PC still edges out mobile, some interesting numbers began to show up.


46% of people in the US use mobile exclusively as a primary research tool. That’s a rapid change from just a couple of years ago. While we aren’t seeing quite that much traffic from mobile yet, it is definitely increasing and is an important part of your website’s visitor experience.

50% of mobile searchers use their device at the start of the search process, and 31% use it throughout the process. Just because you go over the first hurdle doesn’t mean they will immediately go to the desktop to find out more information. A website that doesn’t hold up, or is difficult to use in the process of finding a job or a staffing provider, won’t invite further research or conversion to a sale or job application. Make your site as accessible as possible to make sure that visitors don’t visit a more optimized competitor.


33% of all smartphone users search specifically for contact info. Make sure your contact info is easy to find. Whether you’ve optimized Google + Local / Places or your website for contact information, make sure mobile users can see the most important thing on your website…how to get a hold of you.

Just because you don’t see direct traffic from mobile, doesn’t mean people aren’t using it to get to you. 74% of smartphone users complete purchases / interactions offline rather than on the website. This is an important point. To find out what really works in your marketing, it is important to have an office tracking system. This can be as simple as setting up a Google Doc to check off how people found you, or a more complicated software system / CRM that helps to track people in a more detailed manner. With these systems, you won’t be able to tell how many people left your site because of a bad mobile experience, but you can check Google Analytics to see what kind of bounce rate your mobile visitors have. This can show you how important a mobile-friendly website can be to your ever-changing website visitors.  


Finally, Internet users are more savvy than they used to be – less urgent needs can take a month or longer to convert. People are looking for the best value. Many times they take longer than we would hope to research prospective services and come up with their answer. They still want it to be an easy answer, but will take more time to decide. Make sure your site is ready for the mobile searcher with easy-to-find contact info, informative answers to their questions (blogs) and a website that they can view from anywhere. They may not contact you immediately after their first visit to your site, but if you have a plan to nurture them as a prospect, you will become top-of-mind and be the first one they call.


For more information about the importance of mobile for your staffing website, contact Haley Marketing Group.

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