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Ask Haley: Can a Staffing Website Support Sales Efforts?

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Q. David, Are staffing companies using their websites to support sales (get new business) and if so, how?

A. In a word, “YES!”

Here are some ways to use your website to support your sales efforts:

  1. Skill marketing candidates on the site.
  2. Creating landing pages that can be used for lead capture.  These pages offer useful content in exchange for contact info.
  3. Using blog content to attract employers using Google to search specific topics.
  4. Including more calls to action throughout the site (as text links and graphic buttons).
  5. Creating content on the site, and emailing links to that content to a prospect before or after a sales call.
  6. Implementing PPC campaigns to drive employers to top talent or specific content on the site.
  7. Creating videos and presentations on the site or on hidden pages that can be referenced during or after a sales call.
  8. Using blog content as the foundation for a client focused email newsletter.  Emails take prospects back to the blog.
  9. Using top candidate profiles for email marketing.  Emails take prospects to the full candidate profiles on the site.
  10. Creating hidden pages with sales collateral.  The sales rep can use these pages to grab documents they need or email links to specific information.
  11. Adding Google remarketing tracking to the Employers area of the website, and then continuing to advertise your firm to anyone who has visited your website as they visit other websites in Google’s advertising network.
  12. Adding email newsletter opt-ins and encouraging social follows throughout the site to get more people to interact with you.
  13. Having sales reps use the social sharing tools on the blog to share content with relevant groups on LinkedIn.  Social sharing is a great way to build your company brand, the personal brand for each sales person, and drive more web traffic.

Please feel free to contact me today if you’d like to discuss specific strategies for your website.

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