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Hijacking Hashtags: It’s not as evil as it sounds

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A really great event is taking place in Cleveland this week, Content Marketing World.  While I wasn’t able to attend in person I have been able to watch some of the keynotes streaming live and I’ve also been following the hashtag #CMWorld.  It was while I was checking out what people were saying about the conference on Twitter that I came across these interesting tweets:

As you can see these two Cleveland institutions (if you are ever in Cleveland I highly recommend the Greenhouse Tavern by the way!) took advantage of the official hashtag of the conference, #CMWorld.  They know that there will be thousands of people visiting Cleveland this week and what better way to make suggestions than by using the hashtag of the event. 

As a staffing firm think about how you might use this tactic.  Obviously if you are attending an event, especially a job fair or networking event, you will want to find out the official hashtag of the event before arriving.  Then you can use that hashtag to promote your business.  For example:

“Looking for a job?  Make sure you stop by booth #210! #BuffaloJobFair”

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be for a job fair.  If you find out there is an accounting conference in your city and you offer accounting staffing services make sure you “hijack” their hashtag.

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