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What Does This Guy Have to Do with Your Staffing Customer Experience?

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Matt Bellamy My daughter, Lauren, and I are huge fans of the band Muse (that’s the lead singer, Matt Bellamy, in the photo). Really, really big fans.

Not surprisingly, she asked me for a t-shirt from the band’s official website for Christmas. I was a little hesitant to order something from overseas; but since it was early November at the time, I figured I had plenty of time for it to be delivered.

So I ordered it. And I waited. And waited.

And it never came.

About a month later, I emailed their shop support, asking for an update on when I might expect the shirt. Within a few hours, a customer service rep named Hannah contacted me to let me know that the item was lost in shipping, and that they were sending a replacement, free of charge. The shirt arrived within a few days, and I sent her a quick note to thank her.

Story over – or so I thought.

Three days later, the original order arrived. Don’t ask me what happened to it (maybe it was shipped on the back of a migrating whale?), but it made it here in one piece. My conscience being what it was, I emailed Hannah immediately asking her what she wanted me to do with it. She told me to keep it, in exchange for waiting so long for it.

I was floored.

So what does Matt Bellamy have to do with your clients’ customer experience?

Okay, maybe nothing, directly. But hear me out.

I realize that buying a t-shirt isn’t a whole lot like placing a staffing order. Still, the shareworthy service experience I had with his band’s online merchandise store not only created a customer for life, but a customer who felt compelled to share her positive experience with lots of other people.

Like me, your customers are getting more vocal every day – and they’re sharing their experiences on social media. To boot, research shows that their opinions and recommendations about your service carry far more weight with prospects than anything you say or write.

So as you set your sights on 2014, make a company-wide commitment to creating more shareworthy service experiences for your customers. Treat them right, and you’ll turn them into really, really big (and vocal) fans!


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