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Shouting Out – Clients More Likely than Ever to Share Opinions on Your Customer Service

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When it comes to customer service, consumers are getting vocal.

Spherion Staffing Services released the results of a survey showing that when consumers have a positive service experience, they are more likely than ever before to share their opinions – especially online.

When consumers have a good service experience:

  • 47% are likely to tell a company representative (up from 40% in 2010);
  • 17% will express their opinions via social media;
  • 15% will write an online review.

When consumers have a poor customer service experience:

  • 36% are willing to write a complaint directly to the company;
  • one in four will express their opinions via social media;
  • 19% will write an online review;
  • 9% will contact the media to report it.

Consumers who have had poor experiences also tend to talk with friends about it.  And their friends listen.  According to the survey, 49% of consumers are “very unlikely” to do business with a company, based on a bad recommendation from someone they trust.

The takeaway?

These statistics underscore an important point for all staffing and recruiting firms:  whether the service you deliver is exceptional or dismal, your clients are going to tell others about it.  Extreme connectivity, spurred by the explosive growth of social media, has made people more willing than ever to voice their opinions about your brand and your service.

Take advantage of this opportunity!  Renew your company’s commitment to creating great customer experiences – every time.  Though delivering shareworthy service may not be the cheapest alternative in the short-term, the long-term benefits are priceless.  Excellent customer service creates true brand champions who will rave about your company to others.  Even more importantly, it creates loyal customers who will choose you over a competitor, time and time again.


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