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Infographic: The Business Impact of Customer Service

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When a staffing client has a problem, the way you resolve that problem critically impacts their willingness to do business with you in the future. And as I’ve said before, social media and review websites only amplify the effect, “rippling” throughout your existing and potential customer base.

In other words, your staffing customer service has a huge impact on your business!

Need proof? Zendesk and Dimensional Research recently joined forces to survey  1,046 individuals about their customer service experiences with mid-sized businesses. The survey results reinforce the notion that good customer service results in increased purchasing. And not surprisingly, bad service drives customers away.

I think this is so important, I had the team at Haley Marketing create this customer service infographic that highlights the survey’s key findings.  Please feel free to share.

Customer Service – Both Good and Bad – Impacts Revenue

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