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Anatomy of a Great Blog Post

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Grab your scalpel.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any blood. But we are going to do a little “dissecting” today – to find out what makes a great post, well, great!

A Great Blog Post Starts with Good Bones

200285118-001 A blog full of well written, informative and engaging posts can be a real workhorse for your staffing firm:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Improving search-engine rankings
  • Positioning you as a thought-leader
  • Helping your sales people get more appointments
  • Educating clients, prospects and candidates about the value your services deliver
  • Attracting more, and better qualified, talent
  • Increasing profits…without having to work harder!

And like solidly built houses or supermodels, great posts have “good bones.” No matter what topics you choose to write about, follow these basic guidelines to get the maximum value from each blog entry:

  1. Craft a great headline. Think like a reader when you write. What would grab your attention and entice you to read more?
  2. Include an image. Images engage readers in ways that words can’t. They communicate instantly and powerfully – so use them to your advantage. A quick Google search will yield dozens of resources for professional-looking, inexpensive photos and graphics you can use in your blog posts. A bonus? You can use post images in your social feeds to make them stand out, too!
  3. Provide practical advice. Not every post needs to be a “how-to,” but be careful not to bog readers down with theory and statistics. Share fresh ideas and best practices your clients and candidates can use today.
  4. Make it easy to read. Write conversationally. Vary sentence length. And make it easy for the reader to skim your post to find the information they want. Bullets and numbered lists are great ways to organize your ideas and make your content more “digestible.”
  5. Close with a subtle call to action (CTA). Wrap-up your post with clear directions for the reader. Invite him to place a job order, upload a resume, search jobs or contact you for more information.
  6. Create six to eight tags per post. Keyword stuffing? It’s a big no-no. The big search engines now have sophisticated algorithms that actually penalize you for this practice. Instead, select a few key search terms that highlight the topic, your services and your geography.
  7. Link key terms. Make it easy for readers to take action by using links in your posts. To maximize SEO, link key search terms in your CTA instead of generic phrases like “click here.”
  8. Limit external links. While you do need to give proper credit to your research sources, remember that the goal of your post is to funnel readers back to your website.

Want a killer staffing blog, but don’t have the time, expertise or desire to do it yourself? We can help with that! Contact Haley Marketing for more information on our blogging services for staffing firms.


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