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A Great Use of Twitter in Staffing Marketing

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Twitter Reaches 10,465 People in Real Time

Yesterday, our very own Jenny Keller presented an awesome presentation on PPC for Staffing. If you missed our Lunch with Haley webinar, you can watch the recording from our Freebies (available after 5/20).

At Haley Marketing, we’ve been a long-time believer in the value of webinars. For more than four years we’ve offered free, monthly webinars on all kinds of topics relating to staffing, marketing, sales and service. We’ve learned that webinars are a powerful marketing tool–and we have several clients using them in their marketing too!

But this post isn’t about PPC or webinars, it’s about Twitter. This year, our team has been augmenting our webinars with live tweeting (#lunchwithhaley). At first, it was mostly our team preaching to near dead air. But then a funny thing happened. Our Twitter audience caught on. And started sharing. And conversing. And helping us spread the word.

Haley Marketing Twitter Reach

During yesterday’s webinar, in just one hour, we reached more than 10,000 Twitter users and generated almost 35,000 impressions on people who are clients, prospects and influencers.

It helped us build relationships with some of our followers. It allowed us to reach people we had never met before. And it generated more than a few direct sales leads.

So does Twitter Work in Staffing?

Yes! If you have a plan for engaging people. If you integrate Twitter into your other marketing, sales, recruiting or service actions. It you engage people personally. And if you stick with your Tweeting consistently.

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