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Don’t Miss the Chance to Stay Top-of-Mind!

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Don’t Miss the Chance to
Stay Top-of-Mind!

One question we get fairly often at Haley, but actually wish we heard more, is “How do I grow my email newsletter mailing list?”

Every day, new contacts are made, whether your firm takes on a new client, has a meeting with a prospect or receives new candidate applications. Each of these contacts is valuable, and staying top-of-mind with them is crucial. What better way to do this than to add them to your mailing list?

It sounds simple, right? Each month when we schedule a new newsletter mailing, we can upload your new contacts to your data list. This allows you to truly stay top-of-mind with both new and existing contacts.

Still not sure how to grow your mailing list? Our team has compiled a list of our top suggestions for growing your mailing list.

1. Just Ask

When speaking with any contact, ask them to sign up for your list, or ask for their email address and if you have permission to add them.

2. Email Signature

In your email signature, you can include a link to the opt-in form for your newsletter sign-up.

3. Opt-in Widget

On your website, include an opt-in widget to all relevant pages (employers, job seekers, contact us, etc.), making it simple for users to join your list.

4. Social Media

Share the opt-in link on your social media pages and invite users to sign up.

5. Include clients and candidates in your mailing

You can expand your reach by creating a newsletter that targets both audiences.

6. Send an example

Send an email with a newsletter preview and include a text-based header explaining the newsletter, explicitly stating that they have been added to the list, and explaining how they can opt-out if they would not like to receive updates.

7. Expand your reach with current clients

Reach out to your main contact at a company and see if other people would be interested in also receiving your newsletters.

8. Paper applications

Add a newsletter call-to-action to paper applications in the office. When candidates are filling out the application, give them the option to sign-up for the newsletter, and you can easily add them to your mailing list.

9. Thank You pages on your website

When someone completes a contact form on your website and is taken to the “thank you” page, you can encourage them to stay connected by signing up for your newsletter.

If you have any questions about how to grow your mailing list, are interested in more ways to grow your list or have general email marketing questions:

Reach out to our marketing team TODAY!

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