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Ask Haley: Will creating inbound links help our SEO?

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Q: David, We are looking to improve our search rankings and have heard that creating more inbound links can help. We continually get requests from other companies that are looking for good tips, best practices, articles they can share. Is writing content like this something you would suggest?

A: We typically don’t write articles just for linking purposes, and we are cautious about sending the same article to multiple places. However, when we can get an article on another site that is an authoritative site (e.g., an association site or an industry leading site), we are more than happy to write content for that site. A great option for a staffing firm is to write content for career placement offices within colleges and higher education. The key is to write good content, and if you are able to publish that content and receive a link back from highly reputable sites, that will help improve your page rank.

In regard to an overall SEO strategy, focus first on the quality of the content on your site and creating information that is highly relevant and useful for your clients and candidates. SEO, while still important, is a secondary consideration to the quality and depth of the content. Lastly, when thinking about SEO, don’t neglect social relevance. The more you can get your site (and your content) referred, shared and liked on social media, the more traffic you will see from search engines.

I hope this helps!

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