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Publishing a Blog Post Isn’t Enough

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(You’re missing valuable opportunities!)

Blog content is meant to be used as a resource – not something you write, post, and then forget about. Blogging is an ongoing strategy that helps to build value on your website over time, by adding new pages, adding original content, increasing SEO value and creating valuable information for your audiences.

Once you publish a blog post, it exists to answer questions and search queries when users are looking for information. However, why let it stand alone on your site? It’s your content, so use it! Below are a few of the top strategies for utilizing your blog content as a resource:

Social Media

Social media is one of the most simple and effective methods for sharing your content. Take a few minutes each day or week to log on to both your company and your personal social profiles and share the content! The more your internal team shares and engages with this content, the more likely your audience will also see and engage with it!

Hint: In the staffing industry, LinkedIn is a key social platform to focus on. Share company updates highlighting blog content, share the posts on your personal profile, and most importantly… share the content in relevant industry groups! Clients who do this see a great ROI.

Email Marketing

After you publish interesting topics, why not pull a few together and send them to your contacts via email? A well-designed email newsletter allows you to stay top-of-mind share great content with your audience!


Investing in pay-per-click advertising is another great way to expand your reach. There are many types of PPC, which allow you to create ads and link to your website or featured content on your site. This targeted marketing strategy is another great way to stay top-of-mind!

Reputation Management

Whether you realize it or not, your company exists on social sites, which include Google+, Yelp, etc. While you don’t have to be the person to create a listing on these sites for your company to have a presence, you do have a huge opportunity. Take charge of these pages, and utilize them – post links to your website, update details about your company, post pictures and drive traffic back to your website. You have an online presence – why not take control?

A successful blogging strategy is an important part of content marketing. But don’t let it end here. Take this foundation and build upon it with some or all of these methods to expand your reach!

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