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Online Tools That Make Writing Easier

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Content is king! At least that’s what we keep hearing. But when writing is only one of your daily tasks, finding tools that make the process quicker and easier can be a real win. Here are a few worth looking at to generate ideas, take notes and improve your content.


This is the mack daddy of online tools for writers, or anyone in business. Add text, links, photos, voice memos or just empty your brain into Evernote. Create notes, sort them into notebooks, file them, tag them, search them. And it syncs across all platforms, so you can create your shopping list on your desktop during lunch, access it on your smart phone after work and still be able to use your favorite coupon codes (go here for more info).



Want to quickly add video or images to a post? Need to insert a screen capture into an email? Snagit is simple to use. You can customize or edit the images. Add a browser extension in Chrome to make usage even simpler.



Trying to stay current in your industry by reading the latest blogs? Turn to Feedly, an RSS feeder where you can add, organize and categorize all the blogs you read. Read posts on the web or on mobile devices. Save them, tag them or share them using email or a wide range of social media. It’s a great way to generate blog ideas.


Plagiarism Checker

Have you written on the same topic so many times that you wondered if you plagiarized from yourself? (Yes, that’s an actual thing) Have you gotten content from a guest blogger that you want to make sure is entirely original?

Try an online plagiarism checker. I use this one frequently, but there are plenty of others. They’re quite simple. Just cut and paste your copy into the text box and in seconds you’ll know if your content is in the clear.



If you’re building a website or just creating a blog, the WordPress platform is tough to beat.  WordPress started as a blogging platform, but it’s now a full CMS with tons of options to customize with widgets and plug-ins.

Of course, if writing is not your thing, or you just don’t have the time, you can trust the experts at Haley Marketing Group to handle it for you. We can craft compelling copy for your websites, collateral or email marketing. We can also blog for your staffing website, so that you get all the credit for thought leadership without sweating over subject- verb agreement.


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