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Putting Your Staffing Firm on “The Map”

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“How can I get my staffing firm listed on that map?”

In consulting with hundreds of staffing and recruiting firms on their online marketing efforts, it’s probably the most frequent question I get.  “That map” refers to the local map that Google displays when doing a local search.  For example, if I do a search for “Staffing Agencies Chicago,” here are the results:

Staffing Agencies Chicago
The first six listings on this page are tied directly to Google Maps.  And of course, being included at the top of this page is a great way to gain visibility, attention, and more traffic to your website.  


So, how do you get your staffing firm listed on Google Maps?

Here are a few quick steps:

  1. Visit Google Business and click the “Get on Google” link.
  2. Log into your Google account and search for your business where prompted.
  3. You’ll probably find that Google already has your business listed.  If so, simply click on your listing and continue.  If you don’t see your business listed, click on “Add Your Business.”
  4. Follow Google’s prompt to “Verify Your Business.”  If you have an option to verify by phone, choose this and Google will immediately call with a 4-5 digit PIN.  If not, select the mail my code option and Google will mail your PIN on a postcard (typically within 2 weeks, but I have seen this take longer too).  
  5. Once you have your code, you will click “Verify” and enter your PIN.

Once your Google Business page is verified, update it!

After you’ve gone through the verification process to claim your page, your job isn’t done.  Here are a few additional things to do:

  • Upload a profile photo and banner image.
  • Update your contact information (include phone numbers and email address).  Make sure it’s easy for people to reach you!
  • Add in your story.  Talk about the value you offer to clients and candidates, and mix in keywords like: Staffing, Employment, your City, etc.
  • Add links to your website, your job board, your application and your other social networks.  
  • Add a few pieces of content as updates.  To start, post a few jobs, recent blog posts or links to news about your company.  

I’ve done all this, but I’m still not showing up on maps.  What gives?

If you’ve just completed these steps, be patient because it takes time.  However, here are a few things that can help speed up the process:

  • Make sure you have a keyword-rich description and you’ve uploaded good images.
  • Continue to post content to your page and begin adding clients and other businesses to your “Circles” (here are instructions for adding people to Circles).  
  • Get reviews – they make a huge difference!

Why are Google Business Reviews so important?


Google is in the business of serving up the most relevant search results.  They look at hundreds of different signals to help determine relevancy, but one specific signal that seems to impact local search results is reviews.  Take a quick look again at the top results for “Staffing Agencies Chicago” and try to figure out what they all have in common:

Staffing Agencies Chicago2

That’s right, the top listings all have several reviews.  In fact, if you look at the first listing in the Map section, it’s City Staffing who just happens to have 24 reviews, many of them recent.  Next on the list is LaSalle Staffing with over 30 reviews!  These two local companies beat out a national firm (Aerotek) due, in part, to their physical location and because they have a lot of reviews and continue to build those reviews.  As you look further down on page one of Google results, you see that each company that is included has good reviews and Yelp pages for “Chicago Staffing Agencies” show up as well.  

Go claim your page and start getting reviews!

Hopefully this helps answer how to get your firm on the map!  If you have additional questions, please let us know and we would be happy to help.  And if you need help getting more reviews, check out our new review management service for staffing firms, it’s designed to help you build more positive reviews and limit negative reviews.  

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