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Twitter Announces Autoplay for Videos in Timeline

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Today, it’s become even easier to enjoy video on Twitter. Now native videos, Vines and GIFs will begin to play back automatically. So you can keep up with the action without missing a Tweet and get a better sense of what’s been shared instantly.


(via The Official Twitter Blog)


Autoplay for Twitter Video

This move seems more like Twitter playing catch-up than being innovative. After all, Autoplay video for Facebook was launched back on December 17, 2013. But, with Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, stepping down after five years of holding the position, and co-founder and Chairman Jack Dorsey serving as interim CEO, maybe Twitter is finally getting the hint that they need to make some changes or risk user drop-off.


What Does Autoplay Mean for the Staffing Industry

With social media if you’re not ahead of the curve it’s very easy to fall behind in current trends and best practices. Video is becoming king on social media. Recent data is showing native videos posted to Facebook are out reaching videos shared from YouTube. With native autoplaying videos coming to Twitter, my guess is these will have a similar impact.

What does that mean for you? If you want to stay current with social media marketing trends, you need to begin to include video in your strategy.

7 Videos You Can Film on Your iPhone and Share on Twitter

You don’t need a video department to be great at social video. Here are 7 video templates you can record on your iPhone and share on Twitter.

  1. Top Jobs for the Week.
    Have a position you’re trying to fill? Make a 30 second announcement discussing what the job entails, what type of candidate you’re looking for, and how they can apply.
  2. Make it Personal.
    Put a face to your company and add a personal touch to your social sharing. Whether it is an office birthday party, an employee at a sporting event, or a personal achievement by a coworker, share their story!
  3. Ask the Recruiter.
    Once a week poll your audience for questions that you will address by video. Then, have a team member answer these questions and share them with your community.
  4. Company Announcements.
    Heading to a job fair? Opening a new location? Closing early for the week? Keep people informed by sharing this information with them.
  5. How-To Land a Job in (Your City Here).
    Similar to ask the recruiter but with a defined strategy. One day per week post a 30 second tip on how to land a job in your specific city. When sharing the video on Twitter, make sure you include location based hashtags to increase post reach.
  6. Ask Your Audience.
    Every Twitter community is different. Unlike ask the recruiter where you’ll be asking for specific questions about challenges; ask your audience what sort of content they could benefit from. What would make their day or job search more efficient? Then, be the resource they’re looking for.
  7. Blog Post Announcements.
    Publishing new content is something to celebrate! Create a teaser video providing a description of the blog post, and what value it brings to your community.

Looking for some extra help with your social sharing strategy?

At Haley Marketing Group, our team of Social Media Advisors are constantly evolving their strategy to make sure our clients receive the highest ROI on their social initiatives. Contact us today for more information on the benefits of having a personal social media coach to assist you.

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