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My website needs a thingamajig, and I don’t know why!

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We get it. You’re finally getting that brand-spankin-new website you’ve been wanting for the past 2 years, and it’s time to load it up with all the great ideas and goodies you’ve seen throughout the internet, right? RIGHT!? In reality, the answer is…maybe.
When starting a new web project, there’s an inclination to want to take every cool feature, effect, animation, style, doo-dad, and whatchamacallit that has impressed you throughout your recent memory and place it onto your site – afterall, it caught your attention so why wouldn’t it do the same to your clients? The answer is that websites are just aren’t that simple. They’re not simply a sum of their parts, and more doesn’t necessarily equal better.

Your website is your Swiss Army Knife for your business development.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean to imply that your website should be devoid of personality or neglecting to embrace advancements in technology. What I am saying is that sometimes we need to take a deep breath and think about exactly what it is that we’re trying to accomplish with the website, and approach the planning from there. We build websites for staffing companies day in and day out, and are the best around at identifying what kinds of features are best suited for fulfilling the needs of your business.

Your website should be that Swiss Army Knife that has the tools you need, when you need them, right where you know how to find them. Whether you need a cool way to capture leads, share content, or convey a message, we have a solution for you – it just might not be the solution you were thinking of.

Too often we get caught up in whatever caught our eye on the most recent website we visited, and neglect to evaluate whether or not it was effective at accomplishing an actual goal. When we start placing in everything that we “want” rather than the things we “need”, we begin making compromises elsewhere to accommodate and end up with a distracting and unfocused experience for our users. It’s very easy to turn your elegant Swiss Army Knife into an out of control, intimidating, Inspector Gadget-style usability disaster.

So you saw something cool, and have some ideas for your next website, right!? Great! We’d love to hear about them!

Get in touch with us at Haley Marketing, and let’s see how we can spice up your next website while maintaining a great user experience that accomplishes your goals.

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