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Boring Stock Photos Make Boring First Impressions

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Your marketing piece, such as a website or brochure, is likely to be your company’s first impression for a prospective candidate or client. What are they going to think when the first image they see is a closely cropped shot of two people in suits shaking hands? Frankly, It’s pretty boring.

Why not do something awesome with that first impression?


Think outside the suit sleeves. Haley Marketing has access to millions of photos and illustrations for you and only a few hundred thousand of those options are photos of people shaking hands. Account for another 250,000 photos of business people sitting at desks and there’s still an endless amount of photo choices that you can use to represent your brand.

It’s probably best to not bore them to death right from the get-go.

It literally does not have to be literal.


Your image choices do not have to be literal representations of the copy on your page or in your brochure. Rather, they should be visually interesting choices that support the copy.Think of sweeping landscapes, tight cityscapes, or maybe scientific imagery if that’s the sort of talent your company can provide. Sports metaphors are another strong possibility due to their dynamic and exciting subject matter.

Don’t be afraid to get a little weird.


Often the best choices for stock photos are the ones that are more than a little out there. They are weird and they are wonderful because they show personality. They show that your company isn’t cookie-cutter and isn’t comprised of faceless, nameless, handshaking drones.

Being trendy can be a positive.


Looking at trends in stock photography can be a good way to guide the look of your brand. You don’t have to go overboard with the Instagram filters but, as Kaitlin mentioned in her post about stock photo trends for 2015, there are tons of photo libraries and collections out there. Get away from the suits, find some different perspectives, consider using a video or illustration, and maybe even consider a color shift. The options are just about endless.

Take a good thing and make it great


Choosing the right photos can elevate a marketing project to that next level. Show your clients and candidaets what your company is about by making an incredible first impression. Need help picking fun, interesting, and dynamic imagery?

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