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The 5 Step Twitter Funnel | Converting a General User Into a Brand Advocate

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Within the crowded ocean that is Twitter lies your core audience, the fish in the deep sea that you know are out there, you just have to develop the right fishing methods and buy a big enough net to gather them all.

Using Twitter, and other popular social media tools, how do you find your core audience?

More importantly, how can you turn them into brand advocates that not only proactively seek out your information, but regularly share it with their followers?

The 5 Step Twitter Funnel


There are 302 million monthly active Twitter users that are responsible for sending 500 million tweets per day. Building awareness for your account is the first step in developing an active audience of brand advocates.

To increase awareness of your Twitter account you should include your Twitter handle in the following locations:

  • On print marketing pieces
  • In email signatures
  • On business cards
  • Within candidate onboarding paperwork
  • On signage taken to job fairs and other community outreach events
  • Cross promotion on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • On signage in the waiting room of your office

On Twitter you can also grow your audience by:

  • Following users from within your target market
  • Participating in relevant Twitter Chats
  • Using relevant hashtags
  • Using paid advertising
  • Replying to users asking relevant questions


Your value add is critical in turning a casual Twitter user into a brand advocate. After All, why should someone follow you in the first place? What’s in it for them?

Start with your profile description. Construct a kick ass twitter bio that tells job seekers and candidates the value your account will have on their day to day activities.

How to Write a Kick Ass Twitter Bio
The Secret Formula to Convert Users Into Advocates

Equally as important as your Twitter bio is the actual content that you share.

If you are actively trying to gain candidates and clients as followers, you should consistently publish blog resources (that link back to your website) to help them with difficult questions and scenarios that they may encounter in their day to day routine. You should also periodically share top available jobs from you job board, notifying job seeker within the area of the available employment opportunities.

Along with blogs and jobs, consider adding video into your social sharing mix by incorporating these 7 videos you can film on an iPhone and share on Twitter.

Last, Use Google Analytics to measure which blog posts are most successful on Twitter. As you post content on Twitter, make sure you have a plan in place for tracking which articles resonate the best with your audience. As your start to define the ideal articles and resources, begin to share these more frequently and at different times of the day to maximize user exposure to them.


Twitter is and always will be about the community. Interact with users that follow your page, tweet at them and with them. If they pose a question and you know the answer, reach out and help them out!

Don’t just start the conversation, join the conversation and be apart of the dialogue that is going on around you.


After raising awareness of your account and consistently showing users the value that you can bring to them on a daily basis, sales will fall into place. Take this real life exchange from a current client for example (note that specifics have been removed for privacy purposes)

This exchange was handled perfectly. Once a sales opportunity arises on social media , take it offline immediately and follow up via telephone or face to face meeting.


Creating brand advocates comes with time. After implementing a full Twitter strategy that provides value to the end user, engaging with the community by replying to questions and comments, and developing a sales process that takes sales leads offline and into your sales funnel, you’ll find that your core audience will begin to develop and rely on you for more information.

These advocates, your core group of followers, will not only begin to utilize your resources more frequently, but they will also begin to share them regularly with their audience, positioning your staffing firm as an ultimate resource for given topics.

Understand the need for Twitter in your marketing mix?

Don’t have the time or resources to launch a full-scale Twitter marketing campaign in-house?

With social pro managed by Haley Marketing Group one client has seen their Twitter followers grow by 1300% in 5 months. Another experienced a growth of 345% in the same time frame.


Learn More About Twitter Growth and Development
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