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A Quality Job Board Brings Website Visitors Back

Haley Marketing Job Board with Talent Rover
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Last time we covered the basics of content marketing and its increasing importance. A tool like a blog that consistently provides quality content will develop trust with your website viewers that will ultimately lead to more business for your staffing company.

Our latest installment on the Ask Haley blog on the importance of returning website visitors will take a look at the Job Board.

Wait a second, a Job Board? Yes, a Job Board.

For staffing companies, a Job Board is the second most-visited page on a website (behind only the home page). And that makes perfect sense. If you’re an active job seeker, then you are looking for a job and head straight to a Job Board. If you’re a passive job seeker, then you will casually look around every once in awhile to see what’s out there and if it’s worth pursuing.

WIth a Job Board getting that many eyeballs, then staffing companies need to have an easy-to-navigate application with quality content. If job candidates can’t find your Job Board or become frustrated with its layout or numerous fields that need to be filled out, then they will go to another staffing company. If the Job Board is set up well but doesn’t have quality job postings, then job candidates will find another source.

While that might sound hard, it really isn’t. Putting a high-quality and affordable product on your website is half the battle. Then, once you get a process in place of integrating your staffing software with well-written, quality job postings, this part of your content marketing process is set.

Keep In Touch

One method to staying on top of the minds of your potential candidates is through using Job Agents. With a well-designed Job Board, candidates will register with your application and be able to select their preferences for receiving updates to their e-mail inbox on the latest jobs.

A Job Agent allows a staffing company to notify job candidates of job postings that match their preferences. An alert to their inbox will drive traffic back to your site. If your site is designed well and provides great content, then the returning visitor will interact with your website and hopefully convert.

Haley Marketing features an easy-to-use Job Board that can integrate with your staffing software and will be branded to the look and feel of your website. Job postings are search-engine optimized and easy to share on social media or on job aggregators (Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Indeed). The Job Board also features an e-mail marketing system where job candidates can receive Job agents and be notified about new jobs. They will receive scheduled job postings right to their e-mail inbox.

Content marketing in the staffing industry features a variety of methods to generate great content for your audience. A Job Board is one of the easiest ways to produce that great content for your website and create connections with your audience that lead to conversions for your staffing company.

Our next blog post will build on the Job Agent feature and take an in-depth look at e-mail marketing as a part of your content marketing.

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