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Do you know what you’re sending out? – Email marketing trends

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When you were in high school did you ever wear “parent approved” clothing on your way out of the house and then change when you got to school?  As far as your parents knew you were not wearing that chain wallet and Motley Crue shirt when you left. (Yes you just got a glimpse into my high school experience)

The same thing can happen with your email marketing.  You might finish the design, upload your email to your email server, send yourself a preview and everything looks great.  End of story right?  Well not so fast.  Just because your email looks fine on your specific email client doesn’t mean everyone else sees it that way.

With so many options and rules among the multitude of email clients things are bound to look different across different platforms.  At Haley Marketing we use a great tool called Email on Acid.  By sending a preview to their website you can see exactly how your email will render on just every email client and device.  (Gmail on iPhone, Gmail on desktop, Yahoo mail on Android, etc.)

Email testing


And for more tips on how to design for all of these platforms check out our post: The Struggle is Very Real When it Comes to eMail

Before you send your next email be sure to use a tool like Email on Acid.  That way your email that was wearing a nice polo shirt when you sent it doesn’t look like it’s wearing a ripped Motley Crue shirt.


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