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The Secret to Writing 1 Blog Post Every Week…In Under 45 Minutes

Secret to Writing 1 Blog Post Every Week | Haley Marketing Group
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Secret to Writing 1 Blog Post Every Week | Haley Marketing Group


If you are looking to build out your blog it’s pretty obvious you’ll need one important thing, content. And, while there are blog writing services available, creating original content to supplement these services is a task that every staffing firm can find time for.

6 Point Guide to Writing 1 Blog Post Every Week

Understand Your Target Audience

Who are you trying to reach with your articles? Job seekers right out of college? A currently employed professional looking for a new opportunity? Upper level decision makers? Hiring managers? Each of these audiences would benefit from different types of articles. Speak to your audience and provide tips that they will find valuable and helpful.

Know Your Subject

When it comes to content, write the type of articles you’re comfortable with. What topics do you deal with on a day to day basis…that will benefit your target audience? As a recruiter are you finding yourself coming across the same question on a frequent basis? When speaking with a candidate what are some common areas that could use improvement? Regardless of what question you are trying to answer, make sure you own your subject so that your thoughts come from the heart, and without much needed research.

Set Aside Time

Everybody’s busy. That said, everyone can find 45 minutes each week to create a blog post that will generate quality leads, producing qualified candidates and applications. Set a recurring reminder in your calendar to put aside 45 minutes each week to create a resource for your target audience. Set the priority high, like you would an important meeting and, when the time comes, don’t skip out on the task.

Set a Goal

Similar to a recurring task to produce your content, set a firm goal and deadline for your publishing date. Whether it is every Friday at noon or maybe every Wednesday at 5, set a weekly deadline where your followers (and more importantly you) will start to expect your resources on a weekly basis.

Determine a Format

To help you refine your thoughts and speed up your process, set a predetermined format for your blog posts.

One of the best ways to approach content? Start with a common question and then provide 3 quick tips and solutions to overcoming this issue. End each blog post with a call to action, guiding your reader on their next step.

Just Write

One of the toughest obstacles to overcome when writing a blog post isn’t the content itself, but the expectations and preconceived thoughts of the creator. When you sit down to create your blog content, disregard any negativity you might have about your writing skills and just write. Put together a free-flowing thought and then..once you have completed your first draft, go back and make any necessary edits.

But How Do You Know This Will Work?

The 6 points above are my personal tips and how I have produced 12 pieces of content for Haley Marketing Group since June 1 and, more importantly, one each week for the past 5 weeks.

Need some additional tips on how to begin creating high quality blog content that drives visitors to your website? Contact the experts at Haley Marketing Group.


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