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[Walkthrough] How to Create a Trackable Contact Us Button on Facebook

Measuring Facebook Conversions | Haley Marketing Group
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Measuring Facebook Conversions | Haley Marketing Group

Measuring conversions on social media is becoming increasingly important to me.

When evaluating a social strategy, one of the leading metrics that I take note of is how many website visitors are coming from social media on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

While it’s good to be able to call a client and say 100 visitors ended up on your website last month because of Facebook, just being able to say that isn’t enough for me.

I want to know more.

I want to know what initiatives drove those sessions. Was it something we shared? Was it a post that somebody else shared? Or was it another factor.

Last December Facebook began rolling out Call to Action buttons for pages. And, until recently, I have to admit that I’ve been under utilizing and poorly tracking this add-on.

The following walkthrough is intended to help you measure Facebook conversions, and is a step by step guide on enabling your page’s call to action button with a trackable URL that will display in Google Analytics.

Measuring Facebook Conversions – Setting Up Your Facebook Call to Action Button

To begin, login to Facebook and go to your company page. Note, that to set up your Facebook page’s call to action button you will have to be a page administrator.

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Once you get to your company Facebook page, and assuming you have Administrative rights to the page, select Create Call to Action.



Upon clicking Create Call to Action, a new dialogue box will display, asking you to Edit Call to Action Button. From the drop down list of available options select Contact Us.



At this point, you are going to open up a new tab or window within your internet browser and visit the following URL: Generate custom campaign parameters for your advertising URLs.

Scroll down that page and fill in the fields as shown in the example below. Please note that within the Website URL field, you will paste in the direct URL to your company’s contact us page.



When all fields are filled in as shown above, select generate URL and copy that URL. It will display like the image below.




Take that now copied URL and paste it into the Edit Call to Action Button form that you have opened in Facebook in your other tab or browser window.

Select Save Changes.

At this point, a new dialogue box will display asking you to Promote Your Call to Action. For now, and without getting into paid promotion and distribution, please select Not Now.





You now have a fully functioning Contact Us button at the top of your Facebook page that will link back to your website.




Even better than the standard grey box Call to Action that displays on a desktop version of Facebook is how the button looks on the Facebook mobile application.


Now passive and active job seekers will have a direct link back to your website, and the opportunity to easily and effectively contact you.

Tracking Facebook Call to Action Button in Google Analytics

As I said at the beginning, measuring conversions on social media is becoming increasingly important to me. Now that you have your unique Call to Action button setup, we need to go over how to track its effectiveness.

The unique URL that you set up in the beginning stages of this process uses UTM tracking. Without getting too technical, the UTM tracking with the Google Analytics Builder lets you tag URLs with custom campaign variables that can easily be tracked in Google Analytics.

So how do you see how many people ended up on your Contact Us page as a direct result of the Contact Us Call to Action on Facebook?

First login to your Google Analytics account.

Once logged in, navigate to Acquisition – Campaigns – All Campaigns. The screenshot below shows you where this will be in the left sidebar of your navigation panel.


The Campaign title for your Call to Action Banner will be Facebook Contact Us Button and results will be displayed in a similar way to the example below.



Now you will be able to track Facebook conversions of users starting  on your company Facebook page, clicking the “Contact Us” Call to Action Banner and ultimately making it to your contact page.

This is Awesome…But, I Don’t Have Time For This!!

We want to help! The steps above are detailed, but do take time and I understand that you and your team are busier than ever. If you want help with this initiative, contact our team for additional assistance!

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Did I mention Social Pro was responsible for 2 ASA VOICE Awards this Year?

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