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Social Pro Case Study: Creating a Presence on Facebook

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Recently, we put together a case study showcasing one of our clients, 365 Healthcare Staffing, and the impact the award-winning Social Pro product from the Haley Marketing Group had on its social media growth and website traffic. 365 Healthcare Staffing understood the importance of social media marketing and how growing its online presence would help its business.

Let’s take a look at their Facebook growth: the campaign leveraged some targeted paid options

Facebook social-media-recruiting

The strategy for Facebook was a two-part approach. First, we had to grow the amount of likes for the 365 Healthcare Staffing company Facebook page. We used a campaign to leverage some targeted paid options that focused on sterile techs, surgical techs and nurses in specific regions of California. That helped put the company name in front of a targeted audience. The growth of 375 percent of Facebook likes during the course of the year showed that strategy was successful.

The second part of the strategy came in the sharing of the content. The blogging program for 365 Healthcare Staffing uses through the Haley Marketing Group provides a great basis of original content for its marketing. The Social Pro program provides visual images to add to the appeal of each post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We supplement the blogging content with job postings, inspirational quotes or applicable content from other sources like Forbes, Inc, etc.

Where’s It Go From Here? Graph_Facebook

365 Healthcare Staffing has a lofty goal of getting to 10,000 Facebook followers. While that will take some time (we went from 234 to over 1,000 in 2015),, they are being proactive in trying to reach that goal.

In 2016, we’re going to be focusing on more non-staffing content as well as pushing more videos? Why would we do that? Because it generates engagement and shows the personal side of 365 Healthcare Staffing.

One of the posts (outside of videos and job listings) that received the highest engagement last year – a guacamole contest!

We started that approach with Super Bowl recipes last week and are going to continue to develop a calendar promoting those unique moments that create great connections on social media.

Also, 365 Healthcare Staffing is going to be one of our first clients to use our new Social Recruiting advertising campaign, which is designed for staffing agencies to target new candidates. In a market where finding job candidates is challenging, this is a great way for 365 Healthcare Staffing to generate more inbound leads.

Learn more about the Social Pro program or contact our great social media team today.

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