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Why Your Uncle’s Neighbor’s Kid Shouldn’t Design Your Website

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When I first interviewed at Haley Marketing, I was curious to know who the company’s competition was.

David Searns, our first-rate leader, told me with tongue-firmly-in-cheek, that a lot of our competition comes from “someone’s uncle’s neighbor’s kid”.

Now, after about 200 website projects, I can confidently say that I have seen the full range of website design, from clearly professional to those that follow no one’s rules and were likely slapped up on a server with little thought to attracting new clients and job seekers.

Why would you DIY your website?

We hire plumbers when our basement is flooding, mechanics when some part we’ve never heard of goes on the fritz in our cars. We wouldn’t think twice about hiring roofers for our house (OK, I can think of people who would…).

Yet, when it comes to creating a website, too many people think:

  • It’s too expensive to hire someone to do it right.
  • A website doesn’t lead to new business, so it doesn’t need much attention.
  • Every teenager with a Facebook account is ready to build a website or set up a social media strategy.

What happens when you DIY your website?

homemade-license-plate Today, a story broke that a 28-year-old woman in Sardinia, NY was arrested for possessing a homemade license plate. As you can see from the photo, it wasn’t a clever forgery, carefully cut from tin, embossed with license numbers and colored with baked-on paint. Undoubtedly, this poor woman didn’t want to go through the hassle of driving to the DMV and paying her fee and getting it done right. No, she though it better that a third-grader with no special talents in license plate making should create a fancy new set of tags for her. I can only wonder how long she had the tags on her car before someone noticed — and charged her with a felony!

Don’t DIY it, do it right.

I’m not saying that a poorly designed, barely navigable website is going to get you charged with a felony — although I have seen a few that should have! But it will get you some eye rolls, a few smirks — and not very much business. Want your business to succeed? Hire that plumber, repairman or roofer first — then call us at Haley Marketing to set you up with a brand new website that will definitely not get you arrested.

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