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When Things Go Wrong, Be a Window – Not a Door.

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Missed deadlines. Failed placements. Unfilled orders.

In other words, #staffingprobs

No firm can avoid them entirely; even staffing services with the highest Net Promoter scores have to deal with their fair share of service-related issues. The question is, what’s the best way to proceed when problems crop up?

Be a window – not a door.

When you fail to meet a staffing customer’s expectations, transparency is critical to effective service recovery. So when something goes wrong for a client, give them a clear view into your resolution process! Here’s how:

  • Take responsibility. This can be a really tough one, especially if the majority of the blame rests with the client. Still, it’s critical for you to:
    • acknowledge that something went wrong;
    • tell the client that you accept responsibility for the problem;
    • vow to make things right.
  • Apologize. Not because it’s your fault, but because the issue cost your client time, money, frustration, disruption to their business, or something else. Make your apology sincere, and be specific about the impact the problem created.
  • Explain what caused the issue. Share insights about what you believe may have contributed to the problem. Instead of dismissing a client with a vague, blanket statement like: “We had a problem in our billing department,” provide a reasonable level of detail about what that problem was. Sometimes, you may not truly know what caused the issue. When that’s the case, say so! Your candor will help restore trust, set the stage for your service recovery process, and potentially prevent the problem from occurring again.
  • Share the steps you will go through to resolve the problem. Start with a simple, high-level overview of what you plan to do – and what the result will be. Then, walk the client through the steps involved in your proposed solution. Providing this level of detail reassures a frustrated client that:
    • you know what you’re doing;
    • you’ve thought through the solution;
    • you plan to actually do what you say.
  • Follow up. After you’ve resolved the problem, share the knowledge you gained with your client. Explain:
    • what you learned about your own company and its processes;
    • the improvements you made;
    • what all parties involved can take away from the experience.

Transparency isn’t just for problems.

Giving clients a view inside your staffing firm is just as valuable to positive experiences, too! Frank, honest communication in your everyday interactions (e.g., phone conversations, marketing communications, presentations, blog posts) helps you to:

  • educate clients about the value of staffing;
  • dispel common misconceptions about the staffing industry;
  • increase acceptance of changes you make to your business;
  • build trust and loyalty.

At Haley Marketing, we strive for transparency in all we do. If you ever have a question about how things work around here, just give me a call at 888.696.2900 or email me.

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