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Why Your Website is NOT Your Core Messaging or Your Marketing Strategy

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Once you realize that you need a new staffing website, it can be quite tempting to think that building a new one will solve all of your marketing needs. However a new website is only part of your overall marketing strategy, not your marketing strategy itself. It should contain your core messaging, but it is not where you develop that core message, nor should it be the only tool you consider employing in your overall marketing.

So how can a marketing strategy help?

A good, solid marketing strategy will help identify who you are and why you are different. For example, it should help differentiate your company and the services offered from that of your competitors. It should help you identify your audience, provide messaging (based on your business direction and goals), identify who your audience is, and keep your employees and recruiters focused on speaking a single message to that particular audience.

A good strategy contains at least:

  • Your staffing company’s goals
  • Identification of the target audience you need to reach to meet your goals
  • An analysis of your strengths and opportunities
  • Your core messaging
  • Defining the activities necessary to accomplish your goals (which is married to your overall business plan)

Research is a primary component of developing a sound marketing strategy. It requires honest examination and analysis of your staffing company’s history, behaviors, competition and positioning. The end result of your strategy should be a clear path to what your marketing initiatives might be for a particular quarter or the entire year. It should help you establish your marketing budget, and might change throughout the year depending on factors that include new opportunities, growth or loss.

While your marketing strategy “might” include the need for a new website – it might not. A website is only one tool that can be used to reach people. Contact Haley Marketing Group today to get the help you need to develop a marketing strategy and define the right tools you’ll need to grow your staffing company. We’ll help you set marketing goals, and choose the best mechanisms, specific to your company, to deliver the results you need.

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