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A Major Social Media Marketing Takeaway from Nike and the NBA Finals

Social Media Marketing and the NBA Finals
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Whether or not you’re into basketball, the 2016 NBA Finals was one for the record books. Lebron showed the world why he’s better known as King James, and the Cavaliers’ showed the 73-win Warriors that a great season only means so much if you can’t finish in the playoffs.

But there are thousands of sports blogs that can tell you about the game if you didn’t watch it along with the 30.8 million others viewers.

What I want to talk about is the Nike Ad that was promoted on Twitter at 10:39PM, just minutes after Cleveland beat the Warriors 93-89 and claimed the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy.


At the time of publishing, the tweet, which featured the video above has since gathered 53,756 Retweets and 62,960 Likes.

Why? More Importantly…Why Should You Care?

The 52 year championship drought in Cleveland is over. And while I’m born and raised in Buffalo, NY and don’t have any ties or affiliations to Cleveland, Ohio, the main point is this: Nike understands their target audience quite possibly better than any other brand.

Nowhere in the video do they sell you a pair of shoes.

They don’t mention their newest Dri-FIT technology that their new shirts are made out of.

They don’t sell you anything.

Instead, while the audio of Mike Snyder playing in the background tugs on your emotions, the video takes you through a series of Cavaliers fan watching the NBA Finals, watching the Cavaliers win, and ultimately ending a drought that some people didn’t live long enough to see end.

Nike speaks to their audience and more importantly reaches their audience by turning a social ad into a mirror.

They don’t sell. They incorporate their branding…and they target the audiences emotions.

Staffing Firms and Real Time Marketing

But you work for a staffing agency, not Nike. How can you incorporate real time events into your content marketing and social media marketing initiatives?

Related Content: 6 Real Time Events to Prepare Content Around in 2016

Take a look at the 2016 calendar and think about one major event that is happening every month until the end of 2016. Now think about a key way that you can spin that major event and speak to active job seekers in your area. Think about the ways that those major events can relate to the struggles of hiring in 2016.

Here are two excellent examples from events that have already happened this year. These two staffing companies noted major sporting events, Spring Training and The Masters. and then developed and executed a content and social media marketing strategy that correlated to each event.

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