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How Is Your Staffing Firm Like a Tootsie Pop?

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It should have something amazing at the center!

A Tootsie Pop has a delicious chocolate core inside. But what should your staffing or recruiting firm have at the heart of it?

You guessed it: your customers.

No, I’m not advocating locking your clients inside your storage closet (that would be weird and illegal). What I am recommending, however, is putting your clients at the metaphorical center of your business with a customer-centric strategy.

So, what does it mean to be customer-centric?

At its core, every staffing organization exists to solve clients’ problems, fulfill their needs and meet their demands. When you view your business through this lens, it becomes pretty clear that your customers are the ones who are “running the proverbial show”; without them, you’d have no source of revenue to pay employees’ salaries.

In return, clients rightly expect you to truly care about their needs and help make them more successful. And this is what being a customer-centric staffing firm is all about! It’s more than just offering great service; it’s an ideology that penetrates every aspect of your culture.

How can your staffing firm create a customer-centric strategy?

  • Put clients first when designing policies and processes, defining services, developing solutions and resolving issues. Start with what your clients need to achieve, not what you want to sell.
  • Use data to understand and serve customers better. Leverage the information you gain from your CRM, on-site visits, feedback surveys, conversations and more to develop an in-depth picture of your clients’ objectives, obstacles to success and pain points. Your ultimate goal should be to know your clients so well that you can anticipate their hiring or workforce management needs.
  • Create shareworthy service experiences at each step of the customer journey – from initial awareness through final invoice and beyond – to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits.
  • Treat each client relationship like a marriage. Transparency, consistent effort and candid communication make marriages – and business relationships – successful. Whether you’re in the “honeymoon” stage with a new customer, or you think they may be “cheating” on you with a competitor, use the tips in “Will You Marry Me?” to strengthen client bonds and prove your “heart” is in it.

Sound like a tall order? It is – but it’s totally worth it. Shaping your culture, services and processes around your clients makes you a partner in their success. Over time, a customer-centric strategy will strengthen your business relationships and increase the lifetime value of each staffing client.

Is there something Haley Marketing could do to serve your needs better?

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