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Do You Need a Like Campaign on Facebook? The Data Says You Do

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Facebook is the king of social media. Stories occasionally surface about people leaving Facebook, but let’s put that to bed right now:

Now that we’ve recalibrated on the impact of Facebook in our daily lives, let’s take a look at why it’s important to increase the likes and followers of your staffing agency company’s Facebook page.

A Small Percent of A Big Number Is Greater Than a Small Percent of a Small Number

In a previous blog post, I explored how your Facebook posts are only reaching between two and five percent of your Facebook audience. That’s not good on the surface and gets even worse when we look at specific numbers:

  • Let’s say your staffing company has a Facebook audience of 250 people, the two-to-five percent range covers between 5 and 13 people
  • If your Facebook audience increases to 1,000 people, then your range grows to 20 to 50 people
  • Take it even bigger and make your Facebook audience 5,000 people, then your range grows to 100-250 people.

Those numbers are for just one post. Let’s say you post 10 pieces of content per week, which isn’t a crazy amount:

  • Audience of 250 people – 50-130 impressions
  • Audience of 1,000 people – 200-500 impressions
  • Audience of 5,000 people – 1000-2500 impressions

And that’s just for one week. I will spare you any more arithmetic but extrapolate those numbers to one month, three months, six months, 12 months, and you’ll see the difference.

Why Did We Dig Deep Into Like Campaigns?

Here at the Haley Marketing Group, we really started to recognize around the end of the second quarter that our staffing clients who were using our Social Pro program weren’t getting the same traffic from Facebook that we had seen previously. The more research we did revealed that Facebook doesn’t push out free content as much as it previously did.

We went back to the drawing board and started with Like Campaigns for some of our Social Pro clients. At no charge to our clients, we restructured the program to provide better results. If we are sharing content on their Facebook page daily and it’s being seen by a very low number of Facebook users, then we aren’t delivering. One of our core values is that “good isn’t good enough.” We weren’t delivering a WOW or providing Share-Worthy Service. 

We started a beta test in July of a handful of Social Pro clients but then saw some positive results and quickly expanded the Like Campaign strategy to more than half of our nearly 50 clients using the Social Pro service.

What’s the Data? paid-like-campaign-staffing-agencies

When looking at the growth of the likes on the Facebook pages of these Social Pro clients, careful record keeping was important. We kept a listing of the dates these campaigns started and also the number of likes the company page had at the start of the campaign.

Fast forward to the end of December, and we recorded the number of likes the company page had. Facebook Business Manager allows us to look at the number of likes generated during the lifetime duration of the campaign.

What did we find? We found that the Like Campaigns brought more than 2X as many paid likes as organic likes during the campaign duration! (Officially, the likes gained were 69.56% paid and 30.44% organic)

The exciting part about this campaign is that we provided these results at no extra charge to our clients. We saw a need in our Social Pro program to deliver better results to our clients. Social media evolves constantly, and if you aren’t keeping up, then you’re going to get passed by.  Compiling all of the data and realizing that we brought 2X as many likes for our clients than if we sat back and did nothing was awesome. Those are the results we want to deliver to help our clients’ businesses grow.

Furthermore (and this is another blog for another day), Facebook will push out your content more in an organic capacity if it sees you are investing through Facebook ads.

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Facebook Audience?

Facebook isn’t going away. It’s been building for more than a decade and Facebook wants to become the first option on your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device. They want to keep you on Facebook for everything – posting updates, seeing photos, messaging friends, reading articles, buying retail goods, etc.

If that’s the case, then why wouldn’t your staffing agency consider an investment in growing its Facebook audience? If that 50 minutes per day spent by the average Facebook user is only going to increase, then you should be prepared to take advantage of that time people are spending on Facebook.

Evaluate your Facebook audience and consider how to expand it. Online advertising is one of the most affordable and effective marketing strategies available to staffing agencies. Combined online advertising with the rest of your content marketing strategy to be everywhere your candidates and clients are. When you’re top of mind constantly, they will call you when they have a need. 

If you need help with finding the right online advertising solution for your staffing agency, contact the Haley Marketing Group and we’ll work together to find the right solution for your staffing agency to help make 2017 your best year yet.



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