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A Writer. A Strategist. A Graphic Designer. And Someone to Post Content to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Google+ Every Day.

It takes a lot of time and talent to implement a world-class social media marketing strategy. And that’s exactly what you get with Social Pro…for about 92% less cost!

Improve Your Recruiting

Reach people who don’t know about your company.

Your target candidates are active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn…every day. With Social Pro, content is shared at the right time each day to convert job seekers from general social users to brand advocates.

Get more job orders and make more placements.

social-pro-statsIn a one-month evaluation of content posted to LinkedIn, a staffing firm in New Jersey saw 90 percent more clicks on available job opportunities.


Get More Sales Leads

Improve social engagement.

Likes. Comments. Shares. Social Pro increases all three through the daily posting of high-quality, company-branded content. This designed and measured approach increases brand awareness, keeping you top-of-mind … and your competition off of the radar.

Get more traffic to your website.

In a one-year comparison, a national staffing firm received 377 percent more traffic to targeted pages on their website from social media, thanks to Social Pro.

Increase inbound leads.

Traffic to your site is great, but are visitors converting? With strategically created calls to action, designed to drive more applicants and business leads, a national staffing firm has experienced a 28.14 percent conversion rate of social visitors navigating to their contact page. That’s over 850 qualified leads attributed to Social Pro!

What You Get

With Social Pro, you get the following:

  • A custom social media marketing strategy
  • A dedicated Social Media Marketing Adviser to manage your social marketing, track results and answer any questions your team might have along the way.
  • Unique sharing images branded for your company.
  • Sharing of blog content, top jobs and testimonials.
  • Consistent posting at optimal times to LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Custom call-to-action banners proven to increase conversion rates.
  • Quarterly creation of YouTube videos converted from your successful blogs.
  • Monthly sharing of your content to social communities such as Reddit, LinkedIn Groups, and Google+ Communities.

Ready to implement a world-class social media marketing strategy?

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We’re really impressed with the engagement we’ve seen on our social platforms and the traffic it drives to our website.

Christopher Cummings, Account Manager, Davis Staffing

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