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Multiple Brands Need Multiple Social Accounts. Here’s How We Got It Right for One Client:

Expanding one client's social media into three to better match their independent brands.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Our client is a family of companies but had only one set of social channels representing them. It wasn’t enough to cover all facets of the broad services each company within the family provides. The client was forced to be extremely selective with content rather than showcase all they do.

The Solution:

Expand from just one set of social channels to three to allow for more targeted content to be distributed to the right audience.

The Results:

Three sets of social channels allowed the client to showcase all their work, build stronger brands and unify their marketing messaging across their family of companies.

Client Background and Challenges

Serving children with autism and other developmental delays, this client is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive providers of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), mental health, and related therapy services. The organization is a family of companies, each with its own services, purpose, and goals.

The client’s challenge was that their content was so broad – and covered so many different aspects of their services. With only one set of social accounts, they couldn’t effectively target each brand’s unique audiences, showcase individual brands, or raise awareness about the various services the client offered.

The Solution

Expand from one set of social channels to three:

  1. The main account.
  2. Behavior and Therapy Services account, focusing on Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and Behavior Technicians (BTs), as well as an array of job opportunities available around the country.
  3. Autism Home Support Services account, so they could better showcase programs for families and their work as a trusted partner for children.

We conducted a deep dive into the client’s values and strengths, resulting in:

  • More direct targeting through niche accounts.
  • Sharing content that’s more relevant and engaging for each brand’s intended audience.
  • Showcasing the client’s values and strengths across brands.
  • Accurately conveying each division’s specific strategy, brand voice, imagery, and messaging.

The Results

Expanding this client’s social accounts broadened their reach on social media, targeted specific audiences with relevant content, and improved the client’s brand synergy. The client can now utilize their social media channels in unison under one umbrella but with the added space to showcase everything they do.

From the client:
“We appreciate the insights Haley Marketing has provided to tailor content, including customized social PPC campaigns to support immediate increase in lead gen given our company’s multiple brands. Differentiating segmented content for our clients who have varying needs and are looking for timely and relevant information is a valuable asset in a media partner.”

Need a Social Media Strategy That Drives Engagement – and Response?

Are your social channels doing all they can to put your organization in front of the right eyeballs? Haley Marketing’s digital marketing experts can build and execute a social media strategy that converts the right employers and job seekers into clients and candidates. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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