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How Can You Increase Sales in a Highly Competitive Environment?

Strategy, analysis and testing dial in the right marketing mix to grab attention and drive conversion.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge: Boost sales in a highly competitive market.

The Solution: A multi-touch approach involving SEO, PPC, and Social Pro.

The Results: A huge jump in conversion! Contact lead form completions increased 38% - generating sales from big companies.

Client Background and Challenges

Method Recruiting is a marketing recruitment staffing firm with $7.5 million – $25 million in annual sales. Headquartered in Denver, CO, they also have Austin, Atlanta, New York City and Chicago locations. They staff for all things digital marketing/growth marketing.

Co-founders Matt Simpson and Dustin Charne asked Haley Marketing for help attracting new clients in the Denver metro area.

The Goal

Increase sales in the Denver Metro area in the digital marketing/growth marketing recruitment sector.

The Solution

Haley Marketing designed a multi-touch approach involving SEO, PPC, and Social Pro. For PPC purposes, we used a narrow range of keywords and targeted select areas in and around Denver with a high concentration of business prospects.


An ideal client to work with, Method Recruiting understood that seeing measurable results would require careful coordination and testing across all our marketing efforts. They were patient and engaged throughout the process.

This solution wasn’t “love at first click.” But by systematically testing keywords, audience layering (a PPC tactic) and landing pages, we determined what worked – and refined our strategy.


Over the course of the project, we added search engine optimization (SEO) to the location and specialty pages. Calls-to-Action (CTAs) were updated to improve conversion (CRO). Client audiences consistently visited key informational pages and the contact request page. This relationship-fostering activity indicates that prospects are advancing through Method Recruiting’s sales funnel.


Pay Per Click (PPC) ads used the call extensions option, allowing users to tap-to-call the business (without visiting the site). Haley Marketing measured “calls from ads” to improve this tactic’s effectiveness.

Social Pro

Our Social Pro strategy included a mix of client and candidate targeting and was part of our multiple touchpoint process.

The Results

Method Recruiting quickly saw strong topline growth and consistently reports receiving leads and sales from big companies:

  • Visits to the client-facing pages increased 69% from Q3 to Q4.
  • Visits to the contact page increased 65%.
  • Contact lead form completions increased 38%.
  • Month over month, this client also reported receiving multiple inbound call and email leads (off-site actions) attributable to our efforts.

As a result of these tremendous gains, they tripled their PPC budget with us ($500 – > $1,500) to replicate success in Chicago and NYC. Each of these new campaigns delivers employer prospects to the location-specific pages created by our SEO team.

Do You Need a Marketing Mix That Will Help You Dominate Your Market?

Haley Marketing’s digital marketing experts can create a marketing strategy combining the right mix of products and services to generate interest, drive conversion and increase sales. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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Dial in the right marketing mix to grab attention and drive conversion.

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