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Forget Dare to Lead…Instead, Consider “World Domination!”

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Dominate the Staffing Industry?

The theme for the 2017 Staffing Industry Executive Forum is “Dare to Lead.”

We know all staffing firms want to be leaders…leaders in their local markets, leaders in their niches and in some cases global leaders.

But our team wanted to take the Executive Forum theme further.

Forget Dare to Lead…instead, consider “World Domination!”

Yup, we took leadership to the ridiculous extreme. Then, we created a 16-page booklet outlining 9 strategies with the “Secrets to World Domination.”

Now, we’re making the booklet available to everyone in the staffing industry:

Download: Haley Marketing’s Secret Guide to World Domination

Here are the 9 strategies you’ll find in the guide (yes, we were a little silly with the names):

  1. Be an evil genius
  2. Don’t hire minions
  3. Be a demanding S.O.B.
  4. Make a 3-year investment in your website…then blow it up
  5. Buy or build a better toolbox
  6. Be bold enough to focus
  7. Socialize strategically
  8. It’s about the experience. Stupid.
  9. Think 10x

This guide will provide you ideas to challenge your thinking and help you make your business even stronger.

We also included links to several eBooks and ondemand webinars, including: lead generation strategies, creating a killer staffing website, writing your core story, developing a game plan for social media and delivering shareworthy service.

Our team at Haley Marketing had a lot of fun putting these ideas together for the 2017 Staffing Industry Executive Forum.  We hope you will enjoy the guide, and if you need any assistance on your path to world domination, we’re happy to help!

I’m Ready to Get Started! Teach Me the Path to World Domination!

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