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Don’t Have Enough Time for Social Media? Think again!

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Social media is no longer something that can be overlooked – it’s part of your business. If someone searches for your company on Facebook or LinkedIn and you don’t exist, it’s unlikely they will continue to dig to find information about your company – they will simply move on.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities presented.

Social media allows you to extend your company’s online brand. This is another opportunity for users to find your company information online and interact with your brand. It’s an opportunity to be present to answer questions when your audience is looking for answers.

Be active.

It’s not enough to have social media pages that you don’t monitor or update regularly. A blank, unused page is nearly as ineffective as not having a page at all. Be present, and interact with your audience and use the opportunity to become a trusted resource.


While you should have someone in charge of your company social media pages, encourage your entire team to get involved. Content shared on your company pages can be reshared from the personal profiles of your team in order to greatly expand the reach of your content.

Create a backup plan.

If you’re struggling to find the time to commit and make the most of the opportunities presented by social media, then it’s time to invest in some help. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time social media employee, partnering with the staffing industry specialists at Haley Marketing Group can help you create a social media strategy to more effectively meet your goals.


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